Focusing on Accessiblabilty for All Bodies

Core Beliefs

Expanse Movement & Flow believes

  • Every person has the right to connect with their body and the right to become anti-fragile regardless of race, size, age, gender, sexuality, religion, social status, financial status.
  • Action is required towards the reconciliation of the First Nations.

With these beliefs, 

  • Class material will include a variety of ideas for movement with the focus of the intent top of mind.
  • I offer sliding scale on all our classes.  I want to ensure everyBODY is able to attend and enjoy movement.
  • 20% of the price paid for passes/classes/events collected and provided to Water First. 
    • Water First is an organization that works across Canada with the mission to provide clean water to all.
    • Example, if you purchase a single class for $10, $2 will be collected and provided to Water First.  I don't want to just talk about reconciliation; I want to make steps towards it.

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